Who is Kaizen Consulting?

How it Started

What if we change things?

One day we decided to question our role in the world of business. We thought: what is the best thing we know how to do? The answer was clear: Improve.

The word “Kaizen” means “continuous improvement,” by intentionally and consistently implementing improvements, it is possible to transform the most complex and chaotic systems.

Our method is based on carrying out a series of simple actions in which organizations’ processes are reviewed to optimize them. We embrace the organization’s fears to turn flaws into opportunities. We know it is always challenging to change how we do things once we inadvertently create routines that affect everything.

At Kaizen Consulting, we optimize delivery systems to simplify problem-solving to improve results and achieve goals. We guide organizations and teams that need advice; we make diagnoses and action plans that allow you to achieve results in the expected time.

We make the most of your organization according to constantly evolving market demands. Success is within everybody, and at Kaizen Consulting, we will show you how to achieve it.

Zac Jennings - Kaizen Consulting

The Founder: Zac Jennings

Zac is a dynamic organizational design consultant, executive coach, and transformation specialist with a passion for improving organizations. Drawing predominantly from agile and lean disciplines,
he has designed and delivered training courses that have been impactful in driving change.

Through a dynamic approach and passion for improving organizations, he has designed and delivered training courses that have been efficient in driving significant change for all sorts of companies.

He follows a systemic approach in which he assesses the standings of the different moving parts of an organization to achieve results within a sustainable scheme. His work goes beyond trying just better to manage dependencies and ineffective practices to go broader and ensure integral transformation.

Our Values


Respect: We rely on a considered approach based on respect. Respect requires empathy, consideration, and a willingness to help. We are dedicated yet utilizing practical understanding and patience to live up to our core value of respect in all circumstances.


Trust: The foundation of all long-lasting relationships is trust. We are a company in which you can place your trust. We stand for integrity and consistently set a standard for it by inspiring others to be always truthful and fair. Our principles extend beyond simple profit and traditional business goals.


Courage: Courage is the mastery of fear to do what is right and needed. No matter what the cost or risk may be, we believe that it is necessary to adhere to a higher standard of personal conduct, the kind that inspires you to lead by example.

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