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Kaizen Consulting is a leading provider of consulting and management training solutions for corporations  throughout the US, leveraging innovative delivery techniques and high-impact solutions that drive organizational growth.

Let’s turn business objectives into organizational transformation.

Consulting and Managerial Training to Drive Organizational Transformation

At Kaizen Consulting, we do more than train managers. 

We build high-performing teams and impact organizational effectiveness that drives change through the bottom line. Through years of service, we have created a unique training delivery system that allows our clients to receive the specific information they are seeking to learn and retain the information to reveal the potential for growth that lies beneath the surface of any company that embraces change.

Explore our Organizational Effectiveness Consulting, Right Skilling Training Programs and Innovation Integration programs below to learn more about why Kaizen Consulting is the right choice for your company.

Services: Drive Organizational Transformation

Right Skilling

Turn Strategies into Results

Organizational Transformation Consulting

Many organizations struggle to translate their strategy into results. Often they invest in stand-alone yet costly initiatives with the hopes of simplifying how they deliver.

Organizational Effectiveness

Invest in High Performance

Managerial Training that Drives Results

In this era of constant change, the way a business delivers value today likely won’t be the same tomorrow. Ultimately this means the skills-sets required today will not be the same tomorrow.


Create Strategic Advantage

Integrate Innovation

The best products are the ones that just work. We help our clients meet growth challenges of all shapes and sizes to imagine, define, build and grow the best experiences to solve their users’ problems.

Who We Are

At Kaizen Consulting, we have driven radical and large-scale organizational transformation, optimizing how businesses operate fundamentally. Kaizen Consulting helps medium to large-sized organizations, non-profits, and manufacturers optimize their delivery systems based on their goals. We specialize in applying high-impact solutions unique to your context.

Get the results you’re looking for in your business’s financial, utility, hospitality, and logistics sectors.

Featured Training Programs

Group Virtual/Classroom Training/Team Training

Cognitive Bias/Empathy

Domain: lean, agile

Understanding bias in the workplace is the first step to managing it. This course defines unconscious bias, describes how it affects the workplace, and encourages learners to use that knowledge to reduce the adverse effects of bias. Approach problems with a whole new perspective.

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Facilitated Workshop


Domain: lean

5S Visual Workplace Organization describes a systematic approach to organizing a workspace or area for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing the items used, maintaining the site and items, and sustaining the new order.

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Facilitated Workshop

Custom Retrospective

Domain: agile

As a neutral, third-party facilitator, we will guide your team through a collaborative session to identify and resolve challenges. Let us help you simplify your customer service, accounting, sales, or any other process.

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Group Virtual/Classroom Training

Better Retrospectives

Domain: agile

Learn how to improve retrospectives and avoid stagnation. This course is designed to equip participants with a toolbox of techniques to be applied across a broad context. If you are looking to get more out of your retrospectives and continuously improve, this course is for you.

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Facilitated Workshop

Kaizen Event (Blitz or Bursts)

Domain: lean

A Kaizen Event (Blitz or Bursts) is a rapid improvement workshop designed to produce results/approaches to discrete process issues within a few days. It is a way for teams to carry out structured but creative problem solving and process improvement, in a workshop environment, over a short timescale. The Kaizen Event (Blitz or Bursts) is a focused, short-term project to improve a process. It can include training followed by an analysis, design, and, often, re-arrangement of a product line or area. The usual Kaizen Event takes 2-10 days.

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